Unique Point of Difference

If your customer cannot differentiate between you and your competitor, they will make a choice based on price and not on value.

Today's customers have many choices on where to buy their products or services - no wonder they get confused.

Your foremost marketing goal should be to create a unique point of difference that makes your company stand out against your competitors so that the choice to deal with you is an easy one for your customers.

Your unique point of difference, also known as unique value proposition or unique selling point (USP) should be the key benefit you want your target market to associate with your product or service. This benefit can be rational, emotional or a combination of both.

The purpose of being focused in your point of difference is simple. Research has shown that people compartmentalise information in their own minds for easy storage and retrieval.

A focused and differentiated message has a significantly better chance of breaking through the market clutter and therefore being remembered.

It also allows your company to compete more effectively and more profitably, without having to sacrifice margin in a price war.

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