Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing through direct mail is a proven lead generation method with the ability to precisely target groups of prospects or previous customers based on a well-defined list.

A 2012 survey conducted by ExactTarget indicated that direct mail marketing is still one of the most effective and preferred means of consumer communication. Interestingly, the older the target consumer, the more preference that was shown for direct mail.

Direct mail can be personalised to address each prospect's individual needs based on previous transactions or other information that you may have gathered.

With the right target list, strategic copy, strong call-to-action and compelling creative, direct mail is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool that can generate excellent sales results.

Because of its easy to measure accountability, direct mail can be tested on a limited group to find which list, offer or timing delivers the best result. Once tested, the most successful direct mail format can then be confidently rolled out to a wider audience for optimal results.

Bold Horizon has crafted many successful direct mail campaigns using numerous delivery methods such as:

  • PO Box drops
  • Residential letterbox drops
  • Rural box drops
  • Targeted lists with telephone follow-up
  • Mailings to defined lists or geographic areas

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