The 'Point of Difference' advertising agency

As an independent full-service advertising agency, Bold Horizon develops integrated digital and traditional media campaigns quite differently from many other agencies or design firms.

First and foremost we look at the marketing challenge. What is your Point of Difference and how do we present it in a way that encourages the target customer to react positively and make a purchase decision.

It doesn't really matter whether your campaign is digital or lives in the traditional media space, the same need for a Point of Difference applies. And today it's almost impossible to run an effective advertising campaign without the inclusion of digital elements. Thankfully we've been at the forefront of digital marketing since ages ago.

So if you're looking for home that understands how to get the most from your Point of Difference, give us a call on 021 721 101.

P.S. We also provide search engine optimisation through our specialist SEO services agency.